The Devil may rock - but it is heads that will roll. Question is… are the murders real or just an illusion created by a demented conman, out for a fast buck and quick feel?

Follow the band as they go from Mediocre to Memorable, taking innocence for a ride it will never forget, leaving a beautiful young woman lost forever. Glint and Sacrificial Night play the evil music of the night, and it is up to a lone police officer, and a devastated father to solve a mystery no one saw coming.

Discover how isolated incidents, long forgotten and put aside…will contribute to murder, mayhem and salvation.

This is Glint Blade
This is Sacrificial Night!

The Devil…Vampires…Goth…Or slick marketing? Many will die before the answer is discovered. Secrets shrouded in pain, blood and denial all come to the surface compliments of Sacrificial Night when the curtain goes up and the bodies come down.

We've all been there ~ out of nowhere a song jumps into your head and ARGHHHHH! There you are and it plays and plays...... evil!

The evil in Glint in the Dark is so much more than a song! However, when your serial killer is also a rock star WTF! As you read, 200+ songs will slide into your mind and hide behind an earworm ... just waiting! See if you hear them all ~ and they are as off the the killer himself!