What Happened to the Toys?

Long before Disney and Pixar decided to add a final (?) I owed that closing chapter to my grandchild, who was thrilled with her mommies original love and collection of Toy Story. She needed her own closure, as did I.

Andy has left for college, and Bonnie is now the guardian of their care, her mother works at Sunny Side Child Care.

Forward 4 years, and Andy is preparing for his last semester, graduating with a degree in computer science. He is a typical young man with the prerequisite mustache attempt, and has enjoyed college life. It is before Thanksgiving, and he is going home to see his mom and sister Molly. Molly is now in Junior high, Buster the dog has passed on, and Mom also works part time at Sunny Side, helping with the little kids.

Upon arriving home, Molly tells Andy, that Pizza Planet has been taken over (no, not by aliens), but new management, that has made it “The Pizza Place”. It is a family buffet, with a few video games. They decide it would be a fun trip for old times, and Andy drives – yes, still the old beat up blue car that once held Buzz and Woody in the backseat, so long ago.

Once inside, Andy notices a table with a familiar face, it is Bonnie. She too, is having time with her family at the grand opening. Andy’s mom walks over to chat, and as they are standing together, a beautiful young woman with long brunette hair (Like Bonnie) walks over with a tray of soda. This is Elizabeth. She is Bonnie's older sister. She also left for college, only 2 weeks before Andy, so they had never met. “Beth,” ironically goes to the same college, and is graduating with a degree in education. As the kids play and the Mom’s visit, Andy is smitten.

From the back of the new restaurant the manager “Sydney” who yes, is “Syd” approaches. He has worked his way up from delivery status at Pizza Planet, to the Manager position, of the new Pizza Place. He is not a happy person, and never learned what the toys had tried to tell him. He looks over, and sees Beth talking to Andy, and is very upset. He has loved Beth from afar for most of his life, even though she has never given him more than a polite smile. Angry that the two “college” kids must feel they are better than him, Sid watches them.

Andy is thrilled to know he can see Beth again at college, and they make a plan to return to Pizza Place when they are home for Thanksgiving. Taking a napkin, they write down their respective email addresses and phone numbers, while talking and enjoying their families, and what seems to be so much in common. In the excitement, Molly reaches for a soda and spills it on the table. Reaching for a napkin, she grabs the one Andy had written on,leaving crumpled by their empty plates. Syd notices the spill, but isn’t sure what to do about it...however, it appears to be opportunity that he can’t pass up, and he goes over to take away the trash, and Andy's information on the wet napkin.

Andy and Beth spend the rest of their short visit together, but Andy doesn’t return to the house to see the toys he once gave Molly. Sadly, the toys are now feeling their years, having been loved and cared for, just as Andy had hoped. They now sit on a shelf in Bonnie’s room, inside a glass curio cabinet, watching life as it goes by.

Woody is faded, his string stuck so he will only say ‘You’re my favorite” and there is a rip in his knee. Buzz, no longer has his laser beam, and his helmet is both cracked, and discolored, causing many laughs over bifocals and glaucoma, by Mr. Potato Head. Rex lost all of his teeth, and his tail frequently falls off – again jokes about male issues,are often at his expense.

Hamm lost his cork, and can no longer keep change, causing an identity crisis, not feeling like he matters. Jesse's braids were combed out, and through play time and a bleach accident, she has gone gray, and faded like Woody. Sitting behind them all is Bullseye, who lost his saddle and no longer runs.

The last of the group had not aged any better, because after a horrible entanglement, Slinky had to have his wires cut to only a short distance between head and tail, and the Potato Heads, only retained a few parts. Ken had his head super glued on, after shelf fall, and Barbie was living with green wire leg, forcing her to avoid the sexy look she once loved. RC car was discovered in a box of donated toys at the last minute,and no longer has his remote, but with four shaky wheels he was glad to be back with the group. All in all, life was good, and they all were content to now be the “elder toys.”

Forward to a college dorm.

Andy emails Beth to ask her for lunch. He was sad she had not gotten in touch with him before, and she explains she had lost his information at the Pizza Place. They have a wonderful time, and as the weeks go by, discover they are falling in love. Then when Andy drops Beth off at her dorm one night, he notices she has a “Bo Peep” on her desk. He remembers the one he had, which had been sold at a garage sale. Beth explains that she bought if for Bonnie, but when she went off to college, Bonnie insisted she take it along, because Bo Peep always watched out for her sheep, and they always came home. Andy is touched, and knows he made the right choice with not just his toys, but his heart, and he kisses her.

Months later, when Andy and Beth return home for the holidays, they are excited to blend their families. Beth has also brought Bo Peep home, since she now has Andy, and can assure Bonnie, that she will be taken care of. Bonnie takes Bo into the toy room, and sets her on her dresser, where Bo locks eyes with Woody. The two toys had never stopped loving each other, and in a cameo of an old western, Woody imagines her at his side, riding Bullseye off into the sunset.

However, the other toys are not sure if it is “his” Bo Peep, and Buzz reminds him of Al’s Toy Barn, and all the Buzz Lightyear figures he saw, especially since she is missing her sheep, and both shoes. Then, Trixie the triceratops remembers Bonnie’s mom kept a box of loose parts for toy repair at Sunny Side, and wonders if there might be an answer there, solving the mystery, and bringing the two lost loves together. However, before anything can be done, they all need to get off the shelf.

A suction cup lizard in Bonnie’s room volunteers to anchor the shelf, and Jesse takes several stands of hair, to make a rope, allowing all of them to slide down. However, the weight of the group brings the shelf, and the lizard crashing to the floor, right after the last toy is down. Bonnie's mom rushes in after hearing the noise, and assumes the shelf just broke, and places all the toys in a basket on the floor, cleaning up the shattered glass.

Excited to be near Bo Peep again, and hope it is really her, several members of the group escape the basket, and are on the hunt for the missing parts box, hoping something inside will confirm Bo’s identity. The new toys at Sunny Side are also anxious to help their friends, and after numerous attempts, they locate the box, and inside is one lost shoe, with the very faint name “Andy” made out. Taking the shoe back to Bo and Woody, in true Prince Charming style, slips it on her foot like Cinderella, and takes his lady into his threadbare, old arms. His string moves as he holds her in a loving moment, and “You’re My Favorite” is heard in the silence.

Bo tells them about Andy and Beth, and they are all so happy their little family is coming full circle. At the same time, Andy and Beth are at Pizza Palace having dinner, and holding hands, when Sydney walks by. He is visually shaken, and wants revenge on Andy, for taking chance with Beth away. Remembering the napkin, he goes to his office and finds where he had put it. He then decides it is time to break up the happy pair. Snapping pictures of them with his cell phone, he uses photo software to change Beth into another girl, and posts the pictures on a fake “My Place” page that he made for Andy, using the email information he had written on the napkin.

Before going to bed, after her date with Andy, Beth checks her computer and is crushed. Andy had told her he didn’t have a My Place page, and she thinks he lied and has been using her. She takes Bo Peep, now wearing the one shoe from Bonnie’s desk, believing she really does need someone to watch over her. Beth then cries and cries about seeing the computer site, and the pictures. She leave the next morning, returning to college, not telling Andy.

The toys hear her cry, and know Andy would never do something so sneaky. Rex remembers back how he used the computer to defeat Zuirg, and knows he can figure it out. Getting to Bonnie’s desk, they go online and discover Sydney’s evil lies. Rex emails the page to Andy along with a picture of Bonnie’s room with all of them on the shelf. He is hoping it will get to him, and he will know the truth.

Woody is crushed that Bo is gone again and like Andy, cannot understand what happened. Andy tries and tries to call Beth, but she won’t take his calls. Putting his broken heart into work, Andy develops a computer game, with all his old toys as characters, and it helps him forget that Beth is gone. As his work on the program nears completion, Andy is given an offer to produce it. However, the new job will mean moving across the country.

Realizing he has no reason to stay where he is, Andy prepares to accept the offer, but first decides to take the prototype home, and show his mom, getting her advice. While he is back home, he also takes Molly for a job interview at Pizza Place. Sydney see’s them and not with Beth, so he knows his revenge worked.

Molly lets Andy know, that Beth is home for the holiday as well, and maybe it would be good to talk. He disagrees, and after taking her home, leaves for college early.However, once back at college, he gets the email from Rex, and almost doesn’t open it since it came from Bonnie’s account. Seeing the pictures Syd created, he is furious, and understands what happened. He also can see all of his toys, including Bo Peep in Bonnie's room, and knows he has to find Beth.

Beth is packing her dorm room, preparing for graduation; Bo Peep is on her desk as one of the last items to go. Suddenly Andy bursts into her room, and tells her he knows why she is upset, and it wasn’t true. Looking closer at the pictures, Beth realizes they were all taken on the same day, and it was the day they had been together at Pizza Place. So someone there must have done it. Andy then notices Bo Peep, with her one shoe and picks her up, telling Beth how he had one with his toys, but she had been sold. He also tells her how happy he was Bonnie loved his toys over the years. Turning Bo over, he is shocked to see his name on the replaced shoe, and knows it is a sign. He tells Beth that he loves her, and that the toys have already come together, and they should too.

Working her first shift, Molly goes in to ask Sydney a question, and finds the old napkin on his desk like a trophy. She knows something is up, and puts it in her pocket. Showing Andy when he comes home, they realize who was behind the computer lies. Andy confronts Sydney, who breaks down, because he had never had love in his life, and doesn’t know what to do. He apologizes, and remembers the toys telling him so many years before, to change and now he finally takes their advice.

Andy accepts the offer on his video game, and while the family watches it with a young and active Buzz and Woody saving the day, the toys also watch, remembering the best days of their lives, and know they will be young forever now.

Andy and Beth are married, and at the wedding, Sydney is seen talking to a bridesmaid who appears to like him, and the change in his personality becomes apparent. Beth opens her gift from Andy, finding Bo Peep’s sheep that he had bought on eBay. Woody and Bo also marry,in a military wedding, as the army men stand at attention – now veterans, faded with missing limbs. RC car is draped in streamers, and a ‘Just Married' post it note on his window. Everyone is happy, and both cowboys have their soulmates.

A couple of years later, the toys are sitting on their shelf, looking over in a nursery, where a new baby is sleeping. Beth and Andy have had a little boy named “Christopher.” On the top shelf is a picture frame with 3 wooden blocks, A-Andy, B-Beth and C-Christopher surrounding the new family picture. Holding Bo's hand, Woody, looks over to Buzz and Jesse, who have their arms around each other as well. Woody motions to the blocks and the photo, “Guess it’s full circle now... ABC – and back to the beginning,” Buzz laughs in agreement with a slight cough, and hugs Jesse, while the other toys look on.

A new squeaky toy, and rattle approach the elder toys, and speaks in very small voice. “Mr. Woody and Mr. Buzz ...what happens now?” The older toys all smile, saying, “To Infinity and Beyond” little friends, and what a journey you will have

The End

Toy Story 4 ~ And they’ll come home

by Lori Kay March 1, 2012 All rights reserved